Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Plans

As previously mentioned, I've been somewhat busy with classes and writing. I've also been pretty busy at the Writing Center, doing my usual 10-hour-a-week thing. But I've been expanding my horizons a bit, too. I was elected to the NEWCA Steering Committee at NEWCA back in April, and have been put in charge of the Mailing List. There are a few meetings throughout the yea - one in June, and one in January - to plan next year's NEWCA Conference. I'm also in the running for a graduate student representative position for IWCA. I have no idea how many other graduate students have been nominated, so I don't really know what my chances are. But it would be neat to be part of the organization.

I have the guarantee of one very part time job tutoring at the LIU Summer Institute. It's only a month long, but it'll be some income, at any rate, for which I'm thankful. I'll also plan on subbing as much as I can the rest of this month, and as much of June as possible. I'm looking forward to being solvent

The rest of the summer I'll plan on getting my syllabus together for next semester's ENG 16 class I'll be teaching, preparing for my thesis, and taking a summer class with Patricia, which will actually be a bit of an extension of the research I'd been helping her with over the course of this past semester. The class has been officially called "Representations of Struggle in South African Literature & Film."

  1. Peter Abrahams, Mine Boy
  2. Zo Wicomb, You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town
  3. Alan Paton, Cry, The Beloved Country
  4. Zakes Mda, Ways of Dying
  5. Antije Krog, Country of My Skull

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