Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last weekend was Patrick's graduation from the University of Virginia. Chris and I joined Mom and Dad for the drive down and back; Anne, Bill, and Ciara also came down for the weekend, and with the exception of Justin, we were all in attendance. I haven't seen Patrick and Meghan's new house (and they moved to Virginia years ago); their house is really nice, and they have gorgeous land, which I wish I could have seen more of, but we ran out of time. We went for a walk on Saturday night, after we'd arrived; Sunday was Patrick's graduation, which was a bit rainy, but otherwise good. I managed to cause us to be a bit late because Meghan was teaching me how to lead and groom the horses, but it was a good graduation, and absolutely packed: The graduating class was so large it took them an hour to march in. We also managed to be a late for the departmental honors, but we only missed a few minutes and saw Patrick hooded. It was a really excellent day.

I guess I'm next in the graduating sequence.

My summer class has been going well so far; this has been the first full week. There will be a lot of reading, but it's completely manageable. (I hope.)  I finally got all my grades from the spring semester, and while not spectacular, I'm maintaining a cumulative 3.811 G.P.A. (My semester G.P.A. was 3.7530.) I've begun to look forward to the end of June, when I'll have a mental break. I'm doing well, but I need that break pretty badly at this point.

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