Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy, Busy

I handed in my last paper this past Monday, which means my semester has been officially over for nearly a week. It's still been a busy week for the rest of the week, though; on Tuesday morning I went to the VIRTUS training as part of the training that the Diocese of Rockville Centre - which is the diocese of all of Long Island - has mandated for all its volunteers. (This was training that alleges to teach us how to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse.) On Tuesday afternoon I traipsed up to the mall and dropped off my laptop at the Apple store because my MacBook had developed some hairline cracks on its case, but it was easily fixed and I picked it up on Wednesday afternoon after I had done a big pile of laundry.

Since yesterday Chris and I have been visiting Mom and Dad; I needed to get my car inspected, and since Patrick invited us all to his graduation from the University of Virginia (where he's getting his Ph.D. in physics), we're going to the four of us drive down together. Anne, Bill, and Ciara are flying down from upstate New York, and although Mom and Dad are staying in a hotel, it's going to be a full house. We're coming back Monday, which means a lot of driving will be involved. I'm looking forward to the trip down; I've not seen Patrick's house since he and Meghan and the kids moved down there years ago; and I like seeing different college campuses. 

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