Sunday, March 2, 2008


What's been new, in short (but no particular) order:
  • My NEWCA proposal was accepted about a week ago, which means I'll be going to the University of Vermont in mid-April. I missed last year's conference, both physically and mentally; I've begun getting to know the people who run it and are in regular attendance, and I was unhappy at not being able to go (nor did I even submit a proposal; I was too busy with student teaching to throw one together). Nevertheless, I'll be going this year with another grad student or two. I've also thrown my metaphorical hat into the ring for the NEWCA Steering Committee and may become involved in that capacity.
  • Last night I went out to dinner with Harry (whom I haven't seen in months and whom I've really missed), Courtney, and fellow tutors Sri, Jon, and Kristen. I had the most excellent time; I'm actually still a bit sad that the evening is over.
  • Tonight I met with Vidhya - the LIU professor who's the chapter sponsor of the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, of which I'm a member - and a few other student members. (Our chapter is Omicron Zeta. I wish I knew what all these Greek letters are; the chapter I helped start at Stony Brook University is Alpha Nu Zeta, and I keep mixing them up.) The conference is next week - it's being held in Louisville - and while I'm chairing two sessions, four of our students are presenting papers. Two of the presenters didn't come, but the other two who were able to make it were able to show up (as well as two other members), and Vidhya made dinner, and I brought the cookies I baked, and lo, bonding was bad.
  • On my way back to Bellmore tonight, as I got off the train in Jamaica and was walking around waiting for my connecting train, I heard my  name called. I looked around, and saw my friend Will (a fellow tutor from my Stony Brook University Writing Center days), whom I haven't seen probably in over a year. It was extremely random, and we had a few minutes of catching up before his train came. It reminded me that I really like him and that I need to remember to hang out with him once in a while.

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