Friday, March 7, 2008

SIgma Tau Delta '08 - Louisville, Day 2

This is turning into the snow storm that wasn't; predictions for a massive snow storm that was meant to give us over 10 inches of snow has so far left us with less than one, although it has been snowing since before I woke up this morning.

But most of the day we spent inside, anyway; it was our day of sessions. Nikki had apparently just spent the night crashed in the guys' room last night; after we parted ways at the Louisville Slugger Museum, the rest of the crew went back to the hotel, watched a movie, went out for dinner (which they had called me about, but I just wanted to stay at the hotel), and then just came back to the hotel and fell asleep. As such, I went to my morning session alone, came back to the hotel and dried off, and met everyone back at the conference site for our session-a-thon: Three sessions in a row, but everyone did really well. Kuang especially was really tired after all this, but we managed to find the shopping center a block away and have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. (Is Louisville known for anything - does it have any sort of famous food? I forgot to check before the trip.) The evening fell apart a bit during dinner, and I think we were all relieved to be back in our respective hotel rooms. Nikki's already conked out, and I'm feeling a bit anti-social myself. My throat feels very swollen, it really hurts, and I'm having trouble swallowing and even talking is not a good idea right now. I brought one book with me, but I wish I'd brought another as a backup.

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