Friday, March 7, 2008

SIgma Tau Delta '08 - Louisville, Day 1

My first night in Louisville has rendered me unscathed. The tale so far:

Aside from having woken up several times before getting ready for my early morning flight (rendering me showered, dressed, and packed by 5:15 this morning), it's been a good morning so far (at least, aside from being awake so early and having a sore throat). I discovered I could reserve a cab to the airport online, and even better the driver showed up pretty much on time, negating any worry I had about my reservation being lost (I'd been given the message that he could show up anywhere from 20 minutes early to 20 minutes late, which is a long time to sit around in the early morning). I got the airport just after 7 a.m. - the drive to the airport went just fine - so I had 2 hours to kill before the flight. I got a smoothie, futzed around, and eventually the rest of the conference crew arrived - Nikki, Kuang, and Georgiy. We ran into no problems until we got to the hotel, at which point we discovered that the other conference participant, who'd arrived a day earlier, had neglected to give the hotel my name or Nikki's, so we were temporarily without a room, until faculty sponsor Vidhya called the hotel and straightened out everything. (I really don't know what's with the other conference participant. She never showed up or even RSVPd to our practice meeting that Vidhya had scheduled for last Sunday; she double-booked herself for a conference, then asked me through Vidhya if I would read her paper for her - which she then never got to me; and then the hotel fiasco, such as it was.)

Once we settled in, we hiked on over Louisville Slugger Museum, even though I was the only one who went on the tour through the factory, which was pretty cool. (I love the smell of sawdust, and I like seeing how people do all that carpentry stuff, even if a lot of it is machine-based.) Aside from seeing Nikki for about 5 minutes later that evening, I never did anyone else for the rest of the day. I'm off to my session this morning and I am disinclined to chase after anyone to wake them up - presumably they're passed out in the guys' room - to drag them to an earlyish (9:30 a.m.) session. Am a bit relieved and slightly irritated about it, but more relieved at this point. 

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