Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Friday

(I'm never quite sure what to call Holy Friday; calling it Good Friday seems counterintuitive.) In any case, this afternoon I went to Holy Friday Mass - another longish service that featured the Veneration of the Cross. There was Confession after Mass, but the crowds were a bit chaotic, so I made a note to go tomorrow morning.

We have some very good singers at church; the two soloists, Viki and Al, who regularly lead the singing during Masses are especially good. Today we got Viki, who sang Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Pie Jesu," which was so well-sung that it made my cry. In church. Of course, once again, inexplicably I was somewhat emotional, which is not a behavior that generally applies to me, in church or elsewhere. For some reason, this Easter season has just wrought havoc on my emotions.

Tonight I attended the special Holy Friday service; the choir was performing DuBois' "The Seven Last Words," a Lenten cantata. The singing was beautiful, but at this point in the evening (which wasn't all that late), I feel like I've been at church constantly and only stayed about half an hour - enough to get through two of the seven "words."

Tomorrow evening is the Easter Candlelight Vigil, which I'll make sure to get to.

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