Monday, February 25, 2008

Title Forthcoming

I had a good birthday this past weekend. Mom and Dad came to visit; we went to Rachel's Waterside Grill (I had the chili-rubbed ahi tuna - so good!); Mom helped me make marzipan for the many fruitcakes I'd baked a few weeks ago. Mom made a strawberry cake and some dark chocolate icing, and then made the mistake of leaving all of it with us, so I've been rationing it out, trying to make it last for as long as I can.

Next week I'm going to Louisville for a conference. Financially I'm nervous because I still haven't gotten paid, and I'm not sure if I'll get paid for the work I'm due from one job (which will have to last me a month - as well as cover all my travel expenses for this conference), or if I'll get another paycheck on top of it for the research I'm doing, which would be ideal - at least that way I can eat, pay car insurance, train tickets, and have a tiny amount leftover for getting around Louisville.

I'm only now starting to realize just how far behind I'm getting with school. I've let it slide, and I need to catch up; I have to do a lot of reading. I have a few upcoming papers that I need to work on, one of which requires research I haven't even begun yet. There's so much to write about in respect to school, but I'm doing a lot of writing for my other classes and I can't motivate myself to write more for my blog, which I miss writing and maintaining. But I'm also feeling very much in my head right now, and truth be told, once I get caught up with all my work and reading, I think I'll have a lot more to write about, and a lot more to process. It's a vicious cycle, being behind in one's work: You get further and further behind, which leads to procrastination, which makes it worse. No more, though.

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