Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I realized that I never mentioned that last week, though, Chris and I managed to make it to Rangmahal for Valentine's Day. I was really excited and had to deal with disappointment when we almost didn't make it, but things worked out and we had a lovely dinner and a really good evening. This has become one of our first real traditions as a couple, and I really like that it's ours.

I'm not really much interested in dream interpretation. I actually don't put much thought into it, because I already spend a lot of my time looking for symbolism elsewhere (namely, the literature I read as part of my course work). One thing I do wonder about, though, is if a lot of people remember their dreams. I tend to go in cycles, in which I'll go for a while and not remember any dreams, or I'll remember several nights' worth. I've also noticed I usually tend to remember my dreams when I'm either really tired or worried about something, so I don't know if the past few nights I've been really tired or stressed out. In any case, I've been remembering my dreams a lot lately, which tells me I need to get a bit more regularly scheduled sleep, or take care of any business that's worrying me so I won't be so stressed out.

I feel like I've been doing nothing but writing this weekend, and indeed all semester, which is partly why I've been neglecting my little blog. Well, truthfully, it's the entire reason. I haven't been able to muster enough interest to blog. And really I haven't been doing much except going to school and work, so I can't say I've done too much of interest. I'm so tired of thinking about school and work all the time; please don't anyone ask me about it because I need a mental break from thinking too much.

Last night in bed I got caught up in thinking about writing and how this weekend I was doing so much of it that I was tired of sitting in front of my laptop. I'm both a bit tired of writing yet glad I'm being forced to write so much because I'm being forced to create a lot. I've begun to appreciate work the MFA students have, what with their page length requirements. The only time I have to do homework is on the weekends, so I'm having to produce a tremendous amount of writing, and exert quite a bit of mental effort in drafting and revising whatever it is I'm working on. I'm both glad for this and...not. (I don't quite know what word I'm looking for.) I wish I could convince the people who don't see how much work writing is that there's a lot to it. It's not just the initial writing; it's also the parts that come after it.

This weekend, I wrote:
1.) Two one-page journals;
2.) A 4 1/2-page rough draft;
3.) 1 1/2 pages of another paper;

I also did some research for a presentation due next week, and wrote out the outline and questions (and printed up copies) for that. I need to write about 5 more journal entries; write another 2-2 1/2 pages of a paper due this week; write another 1-1 1/2 pages for the rough draft (also due this week); and do some research for my research fellowship (meeting tomorrow). That's a lot to do today.

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