Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis the Season

I spent a couple of days visiting Mom and Dad this week, helping to get the house in order (or at least not infringing and dropping crumbs everywhere). I went on a baking marathon: Double batches each of triple chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies, as well as three large fruitcakes, and three smaller ones (two of which I'll be bringing up to Chris' family). I even made marzipan (and as such am very pleased with myself). It was a very busy couple of days, and I came home yesterday thinking that Chris and I might leave to visit his family for Christmas, but since it was decided that tomorrow might be a better day to travel, today I slept in (which I really needed; I've been exhausted lately), picked up some dry cleaning, and managed to acquire six books from the library. I have no hopes of meandering through all them, but I did find a copy of Joyce's Ulysses, which I need to read for one of my classes next semester. (I'll need to buy one edition in particular at some point because I'll need the book for the entire semester, but if I can read through it once before classes begin, I'll be pleased.)

Still need to wrap a few gifts tonight - and hope I can remember where I put the presents for Chris' family.

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