Friday, December 7, 2007

One More Week...

Still catching up on writing.

My literacy autobiography is done. I'm handing in the same paper for both classes. I should probably add more quotations from secondary sources, and revise one of them so they're not exactly the same paper, and if I have time I'll do that, but I have other writing that also needs to be completed.

I'm almost done with my journal entries for ENG 646. No one was quite sure how many to hand in; I was aiming for 12. Writing an entry for either the first week or last week is moot (there's nothing to write for the first week, and the the journal for the last week would be done after I had handed in everything else). The plan had been to write two pages per journal, but in a few cases, I only had one full page. That was all I could muster - I would prefer to have one good page than two pages of incoherence. (And actually, for one week's journal, there was nothing to respond to, and I wrote as much.) The last entry I need to write requires I read some texts that I hadn't realized needed to be read, but I can have this done before I get to bed tonight.

I still have to revise finish the tutoring self-analysis; I need to revise what I have (nine pages), add some secondary sources, and meet the length requirement of approximately 15 pages I'd like to have that finished by Sunday night. And I still have to complete the term paper for ENG 626. Those will be the two longest to finish. I'll do the tutoring self-analysis first (Tuesday); I have about 6-7 more pages to write of the term paper (due Thursday)

Tonight I'm going to see The Constant Couple, a play by George Farquhar, at the Pearl Theatre. At the moment I don't want to go. It's really cold out there, rain and snow showers are expected, and I could probably force myself to do some work, but I'm trying to be sociable so I know I'll wind up going and be glad I went.

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