Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Late At Night

I’m writing this after midnight; everyone has gone to bed but I’m not quite ready for bed, although I’m tired. (And by everyone, I mean Dad, Justin, Patrick, Chris, and Aidan; Anne and Bill have gone back to their hotel.) I can hear Bronwyn and Ciara chattering in the living room, Aidan got stuck bunking with Patrick, but since Chris and I transported his air mattress, Bronwyn has claimed that, while Ciara has laid claim to the couch. I could hear some tidbits of conversations, but the volume of their conversation has been distinctly lowered, so I put in my headphones. I’m a bit sad that I’m not closer in age to them; I’d love to just gab with them they are with each other, but I never get enough time to establish that type of relationship.

Chris and I were originally slated to drive down to Pennsylvania later today, but Mom’s operation has been scheduled for sometime later this morning and I wanted to be around for it. Chris and I drove up to see his family this past Saturday and did all the usual family visiting and feasting, opening presents with his parents, and Valerie and Mike. We managed to partake in the annual grab bag festivities on Christmas Eve, and had dinner on Christmas day with Howie and Susan. Chris had planned for us to visit JB and Amy and their new baby, but I’m glad we came down today instead.

We managed to get to Pennsylvania just in time to see Mom for about 20 minutes or so at the hospital, after which we all came back to the house (Justin was hanging back with Bronwyn, Ciara, and Aidan), had some leftover turkey and stuffing (which Justin had cooked for Christmas dinner), and sat around chatting, knocking back beers or tea and quite a few cookies.

Not quite sure when Mom’s operation is scheduled for – I think the starting time depends on a few outside factors – but Dad is planning on heading over pretty early, and I’ll plan on heading over mid-morning.

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