Friday, November 16, 2007

Registration for Spring 2008

I managed to register today for next semester's classes. I let myself be talked out of ENG 707 (Methods in Research and Criticism), especially when I realized, after re-reading the course description, that French poets are involved. (I'm not great with poetry, nor do I find it interesting as a genre.) I'll still be taking ENG 580, ENG 620, and ENG 700, but I've also registered for ENG 520 (Non-Fiction Writing). It sounds like an interesting class (the subject , and the professor is apparently a rhet./comp. person who comes very highly recommended by everyone I've spoken to about her. This is one of those classes, too, in which the title of the class remains the same, but the central focus is at the professor's discretion; the subject for spring will be creative nonfiction through the literary lens of testimony, which sounds intriguing.

Next semester is going to really be stressful - and strenuous - but by then I should have my substitute teaching paperwork in order, and I can cut back on tutoring if necessary, and do some substitute teaching. I was offered another Teaching Assistantship which will help cover costs, too. I'll just need to figure out how to juggle the tutoring with the substitute teaching, which may have to be limited to one or two days a week, but with a combination of teaching and tutoring I should be able to manage.

And I only ran into one slight problem that turned out to not be a problem: After meeting wit my advisor, I ran down to the Registrar, stood in line, and was told that I needed to go over to Admissions and get someone to sign off on my registration (I was not told why). The Admissions secretary pulled up my file, and referred me to an Admissions counselor who told me that they did not have a record of my final transcript that would show baccalaureate degree conference. It was eventually found in my file, though, and whatever hold that was apparently on my account was removed and I was permitted to register. (I wonder how they let me matriculate to begin with if they hadn't had proof of my having obtained an undergraduate degree. And I wonder how easy it might be to actually just skip over one's undergraduate work to begin with.)

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