Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy, Then Quiet

I've reached a little bit of a lull this semester in terms of homework - I have some writing to do in terms of getting caught up on weekly journals for ENG 646, but nothing is imminent. I'll have a lot of writing to do next weekend (transcribing a taped tutoring session; working on a draft for my literacy autobiography for ENG 646 and ENG 509; working on a draft for my final paper for ENG 626), but this weekend is going finish up being all about the reading. I've let the short stories slide for ENG 626 - I just haven't gotten to them the past week or two, which is lame because they're the most enjoyable pieces to read.

Chris and I have spent the weekend at home this weekend, with the exception of going to the grocery store. The past few weeks seem to have been busy, socially. At the beginning of October I had met and had dinner with Fr. Roderick, a priest from the Netherlands who has become well-known for having created the Star Quest Production Network. (The first Catholic podcast Fr. Roderick began, Catholic Insider, was one of the first podcasts I discovered and began listening to soon after its release; it became so popular that Fr. Roderick, with the help of other Catholic podcasters, established a Catholic network of podcasts.) Fr. Roderick had been in the States for the PodCast Awards, decided to stop in New York City for a few days, and put out a general call to anyone who wanted to get together for Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, then dinner. I couldn't make Mass, but I did meet up with him and a few other folks for dinner, after which we hung out for a while.

The weekend after my dinner with Fr. Roderick Chris and I went to an Oktoberfest at the Plattdeutsche with Abbie and Vhary, who traveled in from their working in the city to have dinner with us. I took pictures there, too, with my iPhone (because I forgot my camera): Amazing German food, nifty German dancing that required the dancers to randomly slap themselves, and a band whose name I forget but which struck Chris as the worst name ever for a band. We stayed out really late, and were inordinantly silly, and it was lovely.

Literally the next day Chris and I went to a birthday party (Chris' friend's wife's friend, with whom Chris has hung out once or twice, another technonerd) in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where we ate a lot of really good South American food (I can't remember all of what, but it was all really, really good); and took a side trip to Steve's Authentic, where I took pictures because they make the best key lime pie ever (including mini key lime pie, covered in chocolate, on a stick).

Chris and I also went to a Leopard Release Party, sponsored by and held at Tekserve in New York City last Friday. We didn't stay long - maybe an hour - but we made an afternoon / night of it by going to the Shake Shack beforehand for some darn good burgers and fries (I could eat their cheese fries constantly, so it's probably good I'm not in Manhattan more often), and peanut butter and jelly custard (ditto on the custard); we decided once we back at Penn Station after the party that we weren't ready to go home yet, so we traipsed back downtown to Tea & Sympathy (it would have been so much easier if we had decided after the party to go directly to Tea & Sympathy, since they're so close together).

And now nothing is coming up until Thanksgiving, which is probably good. After Thanksgiving the semester is pretty nearly over at that point, so I really want to have my writing done as soon as possible - or at least good drafts so I don't have to stress.

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