Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One Last Interview

While Chris and I were driving upstate on Friday, I received several phone messages, one of which was from an assistant principal who left a message with her cell phone number and requested that I call her over the weekend to tell her whether I was still available for a job or not. I returned her call on Saturday morning and scheduled the interview for this today. Cutting my trip with Chris' parents short, I took the train from Albany back home yesterday, and had my interview this morning. I was called this afternoon and was told via voicemail that they didn't want to hire me (that phrase sticks in my head), and that the position had been filled. I'm not exactly smarting until any form of uncertainty about teaching, but what I'm left with is a sense of being perplexed. I had been given a set of pre-interview questions to answer before the interview began, and somehow I suspect my answers were not satisfactory. What has me confused, though, is that, as these things go, there was a part of the interview in which I was asked if I had any questions. I asked a few - the usual bout of what the student population was like, what their curriculum was about - got a brief answer about their students, and then told that I would be contacted later in the day. None of my other questions were answered, and I got the distinct impression they didn't want to make the time to answer them. Three women had interviewed me, and they each echoed the sentiment that there were others to interview, they were busy, classes to teach, etc., but I really didn't get the impresion the would have made the time had I chosen to be more assertive (which I'm sorry to say I wasn't as much as I should have been).

I'm feeling...a bit hurt (it'll pass); a bit dejected (this too shall pass); and
poor. I'm also feeling a bit irritated about this whole process. I have literally nothing for the next six weeks, which means I shall now resort to the next plan of looking for part-time work at any local place that will have me. I couldn't pay the health insurance this month, which means my policy will be canceled, and have no way to buy the books and supplies I'll need for classes (which start Thursday).

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