Monday, August 27, 2007

Wide Awake

I had an interview Monday morning first thing at a diocesan high school in West Islip. I think it went well - I hope it went well - it seemed to go well, but I can't quite read it. I was asked some good questions (How did I wind up student teaching in New York City? How did I teach writing at the Writing Center?), which meant I could comfortably talk about a few topics about which I had opinions. It would be a nice job to get; the pay would be comparably low, even for a teaching job, but I'd have support of the administration, and for the first time I got a genuinely good feeling about the school while sitting in the main office. It was a school I'd honestly like to be part of.

I have another interview later this morning, a leave replacement position that would offer employment at least until January, with the possibility of an extension until June. I compiled a portfolio which includes my sample lesson plans from my tenure as a student teacher and will be bringing that in tomorrow. This hadn't occurred to me before, although I suppose it would have been helpful to have.

Classes start all around next week: The school districts' first day is September 5th, with LIU classes beginning on September 6th. It's getting close to the wire for the schools still doing the hiring, and I'm sure they'd like to know who'll be working there just as much as the potential teachers would like to know where they'll be working. I was laying in bed for awhile tonight, planning my first day as a teacher, but I didn't know where I would belong - in a high school, at the accelerated program school that has yet to indicate if I should go in for a demo lesson... or nowhere at all. I'll need as much time as possible to plan what I'll be doing the first weeks of school and I wish someone would just make a decision.

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