Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Interviews & Job Searching

More job-related goings-on:
  • The principal who interviewed me on Monday did not, in fact, call me back on Tuesday to offer me a job. This was not a surprise, and I am not entirely sure I would have accepted a job had one been offered. As much emphasis is placed on new teachers being professional, there was a distinct lack of professionalism from this particular principal.
  • I did get offered the tutoring position for which I had applied and had an interview on Tuesday. For at least a part-time gig I'm relieved that I have something to do, even I choose not to work on weekends, and I wanted to work on weekends, I could schedule that.
  • I'm in the process of putting together my substitute teaching application packet; Harry and Jody have both kindly agreed to fill out reference forms, which I stuck in the mail and am waiting for them to mail back to me. And on Monday I'm going to the doctor to get a TB test, which is another requirement.
  • Last week I filled out an online application at a substitute teacher placement web site; today I got a call to come in and fill out the paperwork, so I'll go in next week to do that. Apparently this particular company places substitute teachers into private and charter schools in each of the boroughs except Staten Island, as opposed to the subbing application I'm compiling now for the New York City Department of Ed., which as far as I know doesn't make the distinction.

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