Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interviews & A Camp Party

I went on what I think was a very good interview yesterday - a part-time teaching position at a two-year college in midtown Manhattan. (I don't want to name names unless I get a job offer.) The position would most likely entail my teaching a Writing 101 type of class: Composition exercises, and things like that. There are other positions for which I would be qualified, but those are already filled - literature, etc., types of classes, although there aren't too many of those types of classes because of the nature of this particular school; they offer Associates degrees, as well as certificates and diplomas, in business, health care, and technology.

The fellow who interviewed me, the newly-hired Director of Education, told me flat out that he liked me, and he seemed to want me to hire me; but I won't hear anything until tomorrow at the latest, at which point I might be invited back to give a five-minute demo lesson to demonstrate my classroom presence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed; even though this particular school does eight-week terms, and there would be no guarantee of any open positions beyond this first term, it would be a chance to get my feet wet and I would have had an "in" somewhere and can thereby put on my resume that I have classroom teaching experience.

Last night was the Coleman Country Day Camp summer-end staff party. Since Chris officially resigned (effective the last day of camp, which was earlier this week), it was our last CCDC party shindig. While the timing of quitting a job is never really "good," I suppose, this was a comparatively better time since I feel that now that I'm in a position of finding a "real job" (if only someone would hire me), I'm in the position of stepping up and supporting both of us, although my understanding is that Chris has some freelance work lined up, at least in the short term.

The camp has been changing, also, from what I've been told (and deduced), so yet another reason I'm glad Chris is out of there (aside from it being an unpleasant to work); we gave the program director a ride home last night and that point was pretty much driven home in that he may or may not be staying at CCDC (and he's been there since the camp's inception in 1982) because of the changes that have been occurring. The person they hired to replace me after I was fired also left, apparently at the beginning of summer. (To my understanding they never had really hired someone full-time after I left; the girl who replaced me went off to Camp Echo in the summer.)

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