Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Enough With The Interviews Already!

Hopefully this will be the last post concerning interviews - I'm tired of interviews pervading my thoughts.

I did not get the job in Manhattan (e.g., the job teaching for two months in the very small college); I sent my interviewer an e-mail and left him a voicemail; finally, not being able to take not knowing what was going on, I called him directly this afternoon. Apparently there is no need for any more English teachers - this term. I was invited to come back to give a demo lesson late next week but explained my situation in my uncertainty how my other interviews would reconcile themselves and promised to be in touch shortly once I know my availability.

I'm unsure of having gotten the job for which I interviewed yesterday, insofar as I have not heard anything. If their administration were interested in hiring me, I'm presuming I would have received a phone call to schedule the next part of the process - meeting with the principal.

Which is the next step for the position for which I interviewed this morning. The schools open the Wednesday after Labor Day here, so I know those who interviewed me will have to act quickly. I was told that if I had been chosen to move on to meeting the principal (after which I'd meet the superintendent), I'd receive a phone call by this afternoon or tomorrow.

Most teachers know what classes they'll be teaching and will have had much more ti me to plan their curriculum. It's unnerving not knowing what to plan or not even knowing how much time I'll have to plan it.

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