Thursday, July 5, 2007

Some Things I Noticed...

These are things I have either come across in the past or are not necessarily surprised to have come across, but even though I've been to Ireland several times, I forget or learn something new:

* The cows come out to greet you in the middle of the street; they do tend to wander out and occasionally hang out until someone goes "Shoo!" The cows are completely unafraid of cars and will mosey on past at their leisure. I've been tempted to bring along a milk jug and take advantage.

* There was no hairdryer in my hotel room (I had to ask for one because apparently not all rooms come with one, and even then it took time to scrounge one up), but there were accessories for tea - including an electric kettle, tea cups, tea bags, sugar, and (hopefully will turn out to be) D.H.T. milk. Tea is more readily available than coffee, so easily, and it's so nice.

* I noticed this when Chris and I were in London last April - the impossibly high tub that (in the case of our London hotel) had tub walls that were higher than my knees and was really difficult to get in and out of; not so with the hotel here, although the tub walls are higher than I'm used to. (And at least there are several conveniently located hand rails, more so than in our London hotel.)

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