Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Am surviving more or less intact in Ireland, with few complaints. Got picked up from the Dublin airport Monday morning by Mom and Gertrud, then survived a longer-than-two-hour drive back "home." (Almost made it all the way back without falling asleep, too!) Hung out with Dad and Willi, and then napped before spending the rest of the day noticing how inhibitively rainy it was being... and proceeded to be all of Monday and Tuesday, during which time a proper mattress was delivered (the air mattress had sprung a leak and was such that getting out of bed in the morning wasn't so much getting out of bed as it was rolling out of bed onto the concrete floor, conveniently located close to my knees), as well a wardrobe, which Dad and Willi spent the rest of the day assembling (due to apparently horrible pictorial instructions).

Yesterday, being Willi and Gertrud's last day, we decided to go to the Belleek Pottery factory, which was pretty neat. Long drive, though, so by the time we got home we had decided not to do that much. Dad's and my plans to get to the Internet cafe, previously dashed because of the wardrobe, were revived.

We left early this morning for our foray back to Dublin, dropped Gertrud and Willi at the airport, ate together, and then had slightly stressful driving adventures to our hotel, where I've locked myself away, happily having taken a very long nap from which I happened to awaken only because Mom knocked on my door to ask if I wanted to join her and Dad on a walk around Dun Laoghaire. Being really out of it, though, as well as feeling a strong need to be alone, and people's formerly slightly unpleasant behavior made me decide to stay put, at least until this evening.

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