Wednesday, June 13, 2007

San Francisco - Wednesday

A rather quiet day - Chris went to a few sessions in the morning; we met up for lunch, went to the Metreon and stopped at the Buckhorn Grill for steak sandwiches. (The Metreon, across the street from the Moscone Center, was packed with Apple geeks; they were ubiquitous and I felt no shame at any time in asking any of them for directions.) After lunch Chris went back to the hotel room so that he could run through his own session which was scheduled later in the day, and I went off to explore a few museums, although I only made it to one (museums, for me, are more enjoyed when I have company): the California Academy of Sciences. It was pretty neat; they had a lot of marine and aquatic life, lots of fishes, and even some penguins (unfortunately I wasn't around for the penguin feeding). The museum seemed to be in the midst of expanding, or at least getting new marine life, so a good chunk of the first floor was roped off with explanations of what they were doing. I should have taken advantage of the free iPod tours that were offered (some poor kid was just hanging out by a big stack of iPods) but I have headphone issues - they never fit in my ears properly. While the first floor was dedicated to marine life, they had a second, smaller floor that had small bits of other sciences - anthropology, astronomy, perhaps a few others, too - but nothing as in-depth as the marine life exhibit.

This was my sole (no pun intended) excursion for the day; I was feeling lazy and I didn't want to hop around to the three or four other museums I could have gone to. Art museums I can really only muster enough interest in if I have good company, and San Francisco is definitely an art museum kind of town.

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