Tuesday, June 12, 2007

San Francisco - Tuesday

Today I accomplished absolutely nothing. The two other churches I'd considered seeing were more than a mile away (from the hotel, and I think also not too close to each other), and I decided, quite frankly, that I don't want to go anywhere that is going to be a hassle to get to or make me exhausted (therefore not allowing me to appreciate what I'd expended energy to get to). In the process of this decision I've eliminated Angel Island because of the expense and distance (although that was one place I'd still like to go to) and the Presidio (which is too far to walk to and would take close to an hour and a half each way using public transportation).

Instead, I did nothing all morning and met Chris for lunch at Mel's Drive-In - where I had an amazing strawberry milkshake; and we headed on over to the Samovar Tea Lounge, which was fabulous. Before Chris and I got yelled at for taking pictures of what we ordered (I got the Samovar Masala Chai and two cherry oat scones; I forget which type of tea Chris had, but he had Bergamont Bread Pudding, which I wish I'd ordered) we had a lovely time; the food and tea were delicious; and the gardens surrounding the tea house were full of blooms.

Chris was interviewed by Scott McNulty of TUAW, an interview I got to hang out for, after which we decided to head on up to the Mission District so that we could play at 826 Valencia, a Writing Center masquerading as a pirate shop. We attempted to go to Mission Dolores, but found it closed for the day. (That might be the one stop I go back out of my way for.) By this time we were practically dragging, so we came back to the hotel and found dinner at a place just down the street from us, the Daily Grill, which was so godo that I'd put it on my list to go back to.

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