Thursday, June 14, 2007

San Francisco - Thursday

Today was almost an exhausting day; we went all over creation. Chris and I became adventurous and braved the San Francisco buses, first taking the 38 Geary to Japantown, where we explored a grocery story (and were entertained by their typography, in particular the dairy section that was mistakenly labeled "Daily" - in a nicely carved permanent wooden sign) before wandering around the Peace Plaza and finding lunch. Fortunately the place abounds in restaurants, so we ventured into a Korean place that was pretty good. (I've never had Korean food before; I had Dolsot Bibimbap, and Chris had the Lunch Box Special, with bulgogi).

After we were done wandering around the Japantown malls for a while, and then caught the 38 Geary and continued on towards the rather surprisingly nifty remnants of the Sutro Baths - ruins, at this point, but it was possible to explore them directly by climbing all over them and walking around quite a lot, which was easy to do because every time we turned a corner there was something else to explore. I hadn't even heard of the baths previously - we went based on a recommendation of the sales clerk at 826 Valencia. Of course, it was also rather nice walking by the Pacific Ocean, especially when the weather was as good as it was.

Tonight - this evening, rather - was the Apple bash. I'm told that in years past it was held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, but this year it was held at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Security was pretty tight so I didn't even try to smuggle myself in; but Chris went, and he called me later and I met him outside the Gardens; at least I could see how it was laid out, the crowds, and hear part of the band. It was a nice evening to be out walking, and apparently the Apple people had done a good job of catering. (Plus, Chris smuggled out for a me an ice cream sammich - and boy, was it a good one!)

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