Saturday, June 16, 2007

San Francisco - Saturday

Today being our last day in San Francisco, and also since there was no conference for Chris to go to, we'd decided we'd trek up (over?) to Fisherman's Wharf and get us some good crab. (Last time we went to San Francisco together, I nudged Chris towards Fisherman's Wharf and introduced him to the line of seafood shacks they have, and he decreed that we would have to come back again and spend more time.)

We had some misadventures with the bus - the first took forever to show up (more than 20 minutes); the second and third were too full so not everyone got on; another few buses just kept going and didn't stop; etc. - so after more than half an hour of this we decided to hoof it at least through Chinatown. Finally caught a less-crowded bus and reached the Wharf.

We grabbed a crab cocktail and inspected the various lunching possibilities - and I think that no matter what we did we would have been happy about it - before actually heading into a sit-down restaurant that kept us standing outside longer than we'd been initially told. Although I'm not a big fan of sourdough bread, I opted for the lobster bisque in a sourdough bread bowl and a Caesar salad; Chris ordered half a cracked crab (which did look pretty good) and a cup of the lobster bisque; and we split an order of Oysters Rockefeller. We wandered a bit further down the Wharf, avoiding the blatant tourist traps (why would you want to go to Johnny Rocket's or the Rainforest Cafe if you had the option of fresh crab and seafood?) and shopping and decided to wander back to the hotel.

We dumped our stuff at the hotel and headed over a few blocks to the King George Hotel, because we had heard rumors of tea being served on the weekends. And actually, it was pretty nice: Dainty cups and saucers matched the plates, sugar bowl, creamer, and tea pot; there were four options for tea, each of which came with bottomless pots of tea (relief for Chris). We decided to combine the King George Tea, which came with a scone, preserves, and Devon clotted cream, a selection of tea sandwiches (cucumber; salmon and cream cheese; ham and cheese; and egg salad), tea cookies, and petit four; and the Queen Mary Tea, which came with the same selection of tea sandwiches, and tea cookies. Chris kindly let me try half his scone and some petit four.

I headed to Mass so I wouldn't have to be up amazingly early Sunday morning; I went to a rather impressive church that turned out to the seat of the archdiocese of San Francisco - the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption. It was actually one of the best Masses I've been to in a while - the priest actually smiled at every person who came down the aisle for Communion, which for some reason just made me kinda happy. Of course, the way these things sometimes work is that the church itself was a bit more than a mile away, so it took me just over half an hour to walk there and back, and by the time I got back to the hotel room Chris was starting to worry.

Because we had eaten tea, we weren't that hungry for dinner, but I'd heard of a hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant that allegedly had good food and since it happened to only be a couple blocks from our hotel, we had a late dinner. Turned out to be pretty good, too.

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