Friday, June 15, 2007

San Francisco - Friday

Tourist Day!

There wasn't too much on Friday that Chris wanted to take part in at the conference, and being in the mood for dim sum for lunch, we decided to hoof it on over and through Chinatown. We poked our noses in through a few stores (well, I did, and I dragged Chris through) - Chris bought me a silky pink messenger bag / purse in one of the bazaars - and stopped of for some bubble tea. We passed by one dim sum place - the type with the women standing out in front, shouting out, "Dim sum!" and pushing menus; after bypassing one restaurant (the place we went to last time, if I remember correctly), we agreed that the next place we came across that was advertising dim sum would be the place we'd eat.

Which is what we did.

It's always a bit spooky when you walk into a restaurant, and someone says, "Come with me, we'll go up to the second floor." I felt like we were buying some illegal merchandise (which, by the way, a former roommate who shall remain nameless did last summer; while we were living in Brooklyn, she went into Chinatown specifically to buy a "hot" purse - it was quite an adventure).

It wasn't quite like the previous restaurant we'd been to, in which various waitresses circulated with whatever happened to be ready - and we had the option of saying "yes" or "no." Instead, this was a place with an actual menu. We opted for the buffet, which was a misnomer only because there was no buffet; we were brought soup, and various plates (friend rice; chicken and cashews; a beef dish; and one or two others) were left at our table. It was all right, but not quite what we were in the market for.

We had made dinner arrangements with Justin tonight - the only night that we were collectively free (Justin has been running a bit ragged this past week, and will continue to run around like a headless chicken until we leave for Ireland in a couple of weeks, so this was the only night we could all get together, and I'm glad for that); he had found Anzu, which turned out to be right in our neighborhood and therefore within walking distance. In the mood for sushi, we ordered a bunch of various items from their sushi menu and had a good time. Not bad sushi; if I were to go back there, though, I would try one of the entrees.

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