Saturday, June 30, 2007

Packin' Up & the iPhone

Tomorrow evening I'm leaving for Ireland for my three-and-a-half-week trip. I'm not quite sure how I feel about going. I think I'm supposed to be glad about seeing my parents' house (which I haven't seen yet). Most of my relatives on my mother's side live scattered throughout Ireland, and I haven't seen them in 10 years. I think I'm should be looking forward to seeing them again, but I don't really know these people - Mom grew up with them and has traveled to Ireland her entire life, but I don't have the same relationships with them as she does, of course. Of course, then there's the part where we'll be burying my grandmother.

In any case, I have been slowly getting organized, going to the store to buy items I realize I need or should have (extra ear plugs came to mind). I have pretty much packed too; my duffle bag is stuffed to the proverbial gills. All my stuff never would have fit in the smaller suitcase for which I made a special trip to the storage facility. And I'm not even over packing necessarily, but I'm bringing a few items over for Mom and Dad, and those items took up more space than I thought they would. I did not manage to have room to even pack my rain jacket or the books I will need to borrow from the library tomorrow. I may have to go through what I have packed and remove a few of the nicer clothes I'd decided to pack, on the off chance they'd be needed. On the other hand...maybe just some severe reorganization is needed.

The iPhone came out yesterday; Chris is as happy as a clam. I stood outside the Apple Store at the mall all day; Jordan stopped by in mid-afternoon to bring me beverages, came again at about four in the afternoon, and let me go home just after five. Chris had camped out at the local AT & T store but was not able to get any of their supply, so he made off with one of the two that Jordan had purchased. It wasn't too bad a day, really. I had brought a sandwich and a few drinks (and Jordan kept me supplied and kept checking up on me throughout the day); I also had a book and a magazine, and Chris lent me his iPod (and is letting me borrow it for the duration of my trip to Ireland - relief!). Chris has been showing off his iPhone since last night.

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