Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Weekend

Last weekend was quite the social event for Chris and me. On Friday night Chris and I ventured into New York City, to see the Rock Bottom Remainders at Webster Hall. And they were wonderfully horrible. For some inexplicable reason - and this is a first - we wound up standing in line outside the venue until about 9:15; when we were finally let in, the band had already started. We've been to concerts that have started late before, but the doors had been opened and everyone had been let in; if people were late it wasn't because of the actions of the venue itself. It was a bit strange, but we found a good location to stand and had a good time. I recognized Dave Barry and Stephen King right away, and Amy Tan soon after; Scott Turow , Ridley Pearson, Roger McGuinn, and Frank McCourt were also part of the band.

Saturday night we went Weird Al at the Westbury Music Fair; Chris' friend Michael had bought tickets for himself and his kids, and had bought us tickets as well. The earplugs we had brought really helped; when we had gone to see Weird Al in the past, the volume tended to be so loud that lyrics were hardly discernible.

It was quite a busy weekend; I was glad I had nothing planned for Sunday because I needed the day to recover.

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