Monday, May 21, 2007

No More Stony Brook University

The past few weeks have been just very busy, and now that my summer has officially begun, I can begin processing everything that's been happening. The last week of tutoring at Stony Brook University came and went. We had our end-of-the-semester / end-of-the-year pizza party (during the last week of the semester there are a few reading days that are alternately very busy and extremely quiet), and the first annual Writing Program Prom, both events I went to but just managed to make me sad.

Because I was only taking one class this past semester, I only had one final exam, which, to no one's surprise, was administered on the last day of finals, during (I believe) the latest time possible - Tuesday at 5 p.m. (They may have been an exam at 8 p.m., but I'm not entirely sure.) The professor and teacher assistants were pretty good about grading - there were about 80 students in the class - and my grade was posted within a few days. (Grades are to be posted within 72 hours, but that doesn't always get adhered to.) In any case, I didn't do too well in the final, but between doing well on the first mid-term and in the recitation (getting full credit there), and 30 extra points in extra credit, I got a B for the course. (Those 30 points really made a difference too; if I hadn't done the extra credit I would wound up with a C, the minimum grade I could have gotten and still received credit: A bit too close for comfort, there.)

All this meant, of course, that I could officially graduate. The graduation ceremonies themselves were fine, although true to fashion, it rained (especially fitting because the only other time I've been in the stadium was my first day of New Student Orientation - it also rained). Commencement started a bit late, and lasted an hour. I actually didn't even pay that much attention to the speeches - I wasn't sure who was speaking and I couldn't see that much either. My program book fell to pieces because it got drenched with rain. The department ceremony was more personal - English department professors whom I knew and had taken classes under were there, and there was a small reception afterwards - wine and sparkling grape juice, water, soda, and chocolate.

Chris took the day off work, as did Mom; Mom and Dad came for Commencement and the departmental ceremony, which was scheduled for Friday, as did Patrick and Anne. Anne had arrived late Thursday night and had to leave Friday, but Patrick, Mom, Dad, Chris, and I went to Rangmahal for dinner. Patrick left Saturday morning, and Chris' parents arrived Saturday afternoon. It was a quiet afternoon inasmuch as the Chris' parents and mine just spent the afternoon talking, but we did go to Legal Sea Foods for dinner. We came back for coffee and tea and the chocolate cake I baked (Chris' mother's recipe) and called it a night. Both sets of parents went home Sunday afternoon, and the rest of the day Chris and I, while thrilled to have everyone visit, spent the time just being quiet.

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