Saturday, March 17, 2007

What A Busy Month!

I've been busy burying my head in the sand, over the course of the past few weeks, and ignoring several problems, most notably math. I did very well on math midterm number one - I got a 92% - but I haven't been doing well on the homework, because my interest is waning (and so is my motivation). I've had to miss one class within the past few weeks because of the three mandatory New York State teacher certification workshops I need to take in order to receive my initial certification (one of which started during class), and I'll be missing both the recitation and a lecture this week because of my going to 4Cs (this year it's being held in New York City), which I'm planning to attend at least Wednesday (for a few workshops) and Thursday (the day in which I'll be chairing a panel), but I may go in Friday as well for a few sessions. Of course, the following Thursday is math midterm number two, and the very next weekend is NEWCA, this year being held in Connecticut, after which Spring Break kicks in.

In the middle of all of this Amrita and I met Maria's family, and went out to lunch with her mother, both grandmothers, and two great aunts. And my car is temporarily on the fritz; it needs a new clutch, which is one of the pricier things that needs fixing, and I don't really have the money for that right now. (The mechanic I took it too quoted me $1,000 to fix it.) I had to call them today to tell them I'll pick it up on Monday, as opposed to last night, when I had said I would retrieve it, because of the ice storm we got yesterday.

I had made arrangements to drive down to Virginia to hang out with Tommy for a couple days, but I'm thinking that may not happen if I can't get my car fixed. Mom has been letting me drive her Geo, but I don't want to drive it more than I have to.

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