Monday, March 5, 2007

Spring Cleaning.

A couple of weeks someone drove into my car and managed to break my car's left taillight and caused a nice curvy dent. I hadn't gotten around to having it fixed until this past weekend because it's money that I don't quite have, and I was also concerned how long it might take.

When Mom & Dad had come to visit for my birthday a few weeks ago, Mom and I worked it out that I would go visit and help clean out my grandmother's house one of the first few weekends in March; I thought that since I don't have classes on Mondays or Fridays, I'd drop my car off at the body shop place on Friday and grab a bus from the Port Authority to Allentown. I didn't hear from the auto body place over the weekend, and I realized before I left for Allentown - but after I had dropped off my car - that I have these New York State Teacher Certification workshops to attend. Since Mom's taken ownership of Grandmother's car, and she still has her ex-car, she's loaned me her ex-car until she comes up for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Tomorrow morning I'll go pick up my car and hopefully I'll be legal (albeit possibly slightly bumpy) once again.

Mom and I spent maybe 5 hours or so cleaning up various aspects of my grandmother's house; it was pretty difficult. I cleaned out what used to be Patrick's room, and Mom went through years' worth of paid bills, paperwork, all sorts of things, many of which Oma had been keeping since before Opa died. We didn't get all the way done, but we did go through various drawers, sorted books and decades' worth of correspondence, some clothes, etc. I didn't really help too much, in the grand scheme of things, but I think my presence was as much a help as anything.

It looks as though the house will be sold, which makes me sad, too. Anne, Pat, and their families are settled ; Bronwyn, Ciara, and Aidan are young and clearly not in the market for a house; Justin is established in San Francisco; and I would buy the house I'm hardly financially able to right now.

Mom, Dad, and I did go see Wild Hogs on Saturday night, though. It was not, as the reviewers say, an Oscar-contender, but it was extraordinarily funny.

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