Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Celebrations.

Mom & Dad came to visit last weekend for my birthday, which was technically yesterday, but I had registered for the ATS-W which was to be given today, so all was celebrated a week early. We went to H20 Seafood Grille, which we've been to before and have found previously to be very good indeed. (I had the pepper tuna, which came with wasabi mashed potatoes and creamed spinach; and Dad, Chris, and I split the shrimp macaroni and cheese with Gruyere and cheddar cheese.) We didn't really do much over the weekend; it was cold, and anything interesting I'd found required us to be outside. (Chris made me a really good birthday cake - which of course I took pictures of: A three-layered strawberry cake with coconut and pecans, and chocolate cream cheese icing.)

Yesterday was a quiet day; I went to Stations in the afternoon and Chris took me out for sushi for dinner. (How horribly inconvenient, not being able to eat meat on Fridays in Lent!)

Today, as previously mentioned, I took the ATS-W. I can honestly say that I have no idea how I did. I might have done well enough but I can't be certain; I'm not too happy with how I wrote the essay, but perhaps I didn't do as badly as I thought. It was more mentally draining that I'd thought it would be; even though we had four hours for the exam, and I finished in about two and a half hours, I didn't make it to Mass tonight.

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