Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love & Weather.

I'm taking the day off from the Writing Center and math today; there's a negligible amount of snow, but there's a lot of slush out there, and it was raining pretty hard this morning. The drive to campus would have been a bit precarious. (It's between a 70- and 80-mile drive each trip.) I didn't really trust driving home in potentially freezing rain - especially since currently there's an ice storm warning in effect - and I'm not sure the roads wouldn't have been frozen by the time my class ended.

Business at the Writing Center has been busy; because of our new online scheduling system, students have the freedom to schedule themselves at any time. In semesters past, the first few weeks of the Writing Center being open were comparatively quiet, but we've been kept steadily busy. Jody has had me working on a new brochure; we're almost out of the old ones, of which we had so many that since I began tutoring in January 2004, we have not run out. There have been a lot of changes (we've moved to a new building; Harry has left, as had the woman who was the Writing Program Director; we have an online scheduling system), so it's about time a new run of brochures is printed.

Chris and I have reservations tonight at Rangmahal; a few years ago we had gone to their Valentine's Day dinner buffet, which was extremely good, but we hadn't had reservations. We've been going back regularly, to the extent that we're on very friendly terms with the family who runs the place, so we were able to make reservations easily for tonight.

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