Thursday, February 15, 2007

Homework Is Still Stressful.

At which age does homework not become stressful? My math homework is making me worried. My upcoming ATS-W exam is making me worried. Playing the Wii tonight with Chris made me grumpy. It's not a good mood sort of day.

I did not go into school again today. Ice makes me nervous. Driving on it; walking on it; being near it - its mere presence causes me to become uptight. I won't drive on ice at all. The sidewalk was a veritable block of ice today, and I didn't care to cross it to get to my car, which, to be honest, looked like it was actually iced to the road (and not in a chocolate frosting sort of way). So I missed another work shift. And I missed math.

My math homework - the grades really need to be good, because then I'll feel calmer about the course. The first homework grade was really good; the second was very bad. Clearly there's still time but I need to remain a bit assertive in asking for help; I like knowing that I'm doing consistently well. Especially because I wish to graduate in May. I think when I get the homework back, I'll visit the Josh, the T.A., and make him explain those things I thought I understood but hadn't.

I also want to be able to go out and drive tomorrow. Cabin fever makes for a very unhappy me, and I have errands I would like to take care of.

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