Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grad School Jabbering.

Yesterday I got an acceptance letter into the Indiana University of Pennsylvania English (Generalist) M.A. program. No, it's not a doctoral program, and no, it's not in New York, but it's also a good school with a solid department, and this acceptance means I at least have somewhere to go for grad school in the fall.

(I'd actually prefer to start out with an M.A. and work my way into a doctoral program; I'm not entirely sure I know which field of study I'm most interested in, nor am I sure I'm actually mentally ready for the Ph.D., so I'd be perfectly happy with that M.A. right about now. The Generalist English M.A. would expose me to a lot of what I'm interested in, and in a more in-depth level.)

I also got an e-mail from the St. John's University graduate office asking me to give them a call to discuss my application. Now, to be fair, I had e-mailed a few questions, so they're probably just going to answer those questions, but I'm kinda hoping I'll be told that I'm in.

Tonight Chris and I have plans to go to the Bellmore Knights of Columbus for one of their events that had been advertised in my church bulletin: Polish Night. I am loath to admit that it was my idea to go, but it's about high time I embraced my inner dork and got jiggy with some old people, eat some Polish food, and listen to and perhaps even dance to the polka.

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