Sunday, January 28, 2007

Train of Thought.

I like bullet-points; they make it easier for me to keep track of the main ideas.

* My knee is pretty much healed at this point, probably as well as it's going to be for awhile. It's still a bit stiff, and hurts (aches?) when I go up and down stairs, and drive (Damn that manual transmission!) but it's fine otherwise.
* The math class is going to be all right, I believe. Nothing too terribly difficult - everyone who takes the math class for which I'd registered has done so for the same reason I had - that is, to fulfill DEC C.
* My GRE scores have been submitted to various grad schools, and it's this point it's a waiting game. I suspect I won't be accepted into any doctoral programs, but I'll probably be accepted into some M.A. programs, which if disappointing, really, is just absolutely fine. (I can work hard, do impressively well, and then scooch into those a doctoral program.)
* I've begun considering teaching jobs, and where I want to teach. While I don't particularly like Long Island, and am not entirely certain where I'll be accepted to grad school, I can always teach anywhere in New York State. I'll begin applying to various departments of education later in the semester. The ideal situation would to attend grad school full-time next semester while at the very least subbing, although I haven't decided yet if I should teach full time and get the degree part time.

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  1. So now do we have to write GRE or only GRE subject test (Math) or both if we want to join a grad college or they are all just moot now ?

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