Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thinking Mathematically.

This evening I had my first math class. I've got mixed thoughts on it. I didn't have the math book (I'll probably buy it tomorrow), which meant I couldn't follow the professor's examples; he didn't hand out a syllabus, which I wouldn't mind since he said he posted everything online, but then he proceeded to not give us any information about the course; rather, he would start to give us some details but interrupt himself or cut himself off, and refer us back to the web site that he thought we might have come across. He also didn't introduce himself (I wish professors would do that) or even tell a questioning student the name of the book we should buy, instead referring us back to the web site. (In the time it took him to tell us to look at the web site to find the name of the text, and to explain again why we should always look at the web site, he could have told us the title. Note: He had a copy of the text right in front of him.)

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