Sunday, January 14, 2007

GRE Practice.

Based on the GRE practice test I took yesterday morning, not only do I have no business applying to grad school, I should probably also repeat all my education, beginning with Kindergarten. It was quite horrid, how badly I did. I've been looking over practice strategies on Kaplan's web site and while I'll look through some word lists also, I'm not sure how helpful it is to try to memorize a few hundred words.

I did realize, after the fact, that I didn't follow the instructions in the section that required me to find antonyms (instead of synonyms). On the Verbal I got a 300, with a percentile rank of 6%;o n the Quantitative I got a 400. My percentile rank was 11%. I did best on Geometry - a class I'm still not sure I passed even after taking it in high school twice.

With these scores one should have stellar grades - not that mine are horrible, but I can't use my grades as compensation. Unfortunately I can neither reschedule nor cancel the exam, so I'll see how well I do tomorrow; re-taking it is, of course an option, although I would prefer not to. I've been studying word lists and strategies today, and will do so a bit more before bed tonight.

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