Thursday, January 25, 2007

Being Employed Again.

There had been some problems with the Writing Program since this summer - the administrative assistant moved on, and so did the senior staff assistant. So far as I know the main office hasn't been staffed by a permanent, non-temporary employee, and as such, there had been some potential hiring issues, since there was no one there to do what was necessary to do the paperwork, etc. Admittedly, the Writing Program has been in a state of flux for several months; the director of the Writing Program stepped down; an interim director was found; then a temporary director was hired for a year; finally, since the summer, there's been an actual Writing Program Director. There has also been some talk of the Writing Program re-emerging with the English department, but I don't know how that's been progressing.

I had contacted the interim Writing Center director several weeks ago to see if there would be a place for me, preferably as a Supervising Tutor, but I really just wanted to go back to work in the same environment that I had enjoyed. But because of the potential hiring problems, I wasn't sure until today that I would get re-hired. I actually had scheduled an interview for a position as a writing tutor for this afternoon at another on-campus location, but luckily it's no longer necessary.

The first meeting of the semester is next week, and I'll be interested in seeing who's new, who's left, and how things have changed. An online scheduler has been in place since last summer, and I'm familiar with it, but I'm sticking around for the training part of that anyway because I suspect there are scheduling issues - students not showing up for appointments, etc. - and other problems that I'm wondering if I could help fix.

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