Sunday, December 31, 2006


A few months ago I registered for a slew of exams that I'll need to take to satisfy the New York State teacher certification requirements; I've previously taken and passed the Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST); but I still need to take the Assessment of Teaching Skills Test-Written (ATS-W) and the Content Specialty Test (CST) in English. I've scheduled to take the ATS-W on February 24; and the CST on June 9. I really should have gotten my act together and scheduled them sooner, but with all that's happened this past semester it's probably good I didn't try to take them. I have also have had to register for the GREs. There are two exams - the General Exam (scheduled to be taken on January 15), and the Literature in English exam (scheduled to be taken on April 14).

I'm relieved I'll only be taking one class next semester, although I will most likely be back working at the Writing Center. I don't suppose it adds up to a full=time schedule, but I feel that I have a lot riding on these four scheduled exams; they affect alternately how I'll be viewed in the professional world; and how I'll be viewed by graduate programs, which will affect the type of degree I can get, if I get even get a graduate degree, and that in turn will affect whether I will be able to get permanent New York State certification as a teacher.

I'm nervous. I brought my GRE test preparation book with me but I have barely opened it even since I bought it. Once Chris and I get home on Monday, I'll really need to push myself. It's difficult to do, that studying, when visiting both Chris' parents or mine, especially over the holidays.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Blog; More Posting.

I've gotten away from the writing a bit; even though I think I write fairly often, I'm tired of writing fluff. Aside from merely giving reports about day-to-day activities, I have a lot that goes on in my mind, and writing helps me work through it, so while I'll be tactful in mentioning names or places, I'll be working on giving myself on overhaul this new year. And that new year starts in only a few days.

Complacency is no good at this point. I need to stretch myself.